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If Plunkett was a leading passer, he was also a sentimental favorite. Four hours before a Raiders preseason game in Oakland, Plunkett can walk in relative anonymity through the smattering of fans near the stadium's press entrance. He was inducted into the Stanford Athletic Hall of Fame in 1990. "You look a lot worse than that," Plunkett responds. New York, NY, 10006. "You got the look from Jim," recalls Vataha, a wide receiver, "and the look was not comfortable. Two weeks later, Stanford beat UCLA for the first time in eight years. ''I want to make the most of my situation,'' Jim Plunkett was saying now, alluding to his potential income from motion pictures, books, commercials, endorsements and corporate sponsors, ''but without compromising my integrity and dignity. Jim Plunketts nomination to the Pro Football Hall of Fame is fraught with controversy. They came together in Oakland after Plunkett washed out in New England and San Francisco and was contemplating retirement. In 1971, he was drafted with the first overall pick in the NFL draft by the New England Patriots (the team was still known as the Boston Patriots at the time of the draft; the name change to New England did not become official until March 21 of that year). Jim Plunkett, 74, was a former American football quarterback who played for the Philadelphia Packers and the Houston Texans. [7] Plunkett's father was a news vendor afflicted with progressive blindness, who had to support his blind wife along with their three children. His parents were both blind. Plunkett then joined the Oakland Raiders in 1978, serving in a reserve capacity over the next two years, throwing no passes in 1978 and just fifteen in 1979. He grew up in a poor family and his parent's financial condition was extremely weak, his father was a news vendor who had to support his blind wife along with his three children. "It surprised me that he was able to come back because I thought physically he had been so punished that he couldn't come back - and he certainly did," says Giants general manager Ernie Accorsi about Jim Plunkett on ESPN Classic's SportsCentury series. It's the trudge that comes from aching knees, although they've been better since he had bone and cartilage replaced with titanium and Teflon a couple of years ago. "Stanford is in both our hearts," says Gerry Plunkett, Jim's wife of 28 years, "because I see how very much it means to him.". Plunkett was born to William and Carmella Plunkett (his mother was Mexican, his father was also of Mexican descent) in San Jose Calif. His mother lost her sight when she was 20. Health Scare Nearly Ends Plunkett's College Career He responded by throwing for 2,156 yards and 14 touchdowns as a 1968 sophomore before adding 2,673 yards and 20 scores as a 1969 junior, helping him to finish eighth in that years Heisman vote. New England also influenced the AFC East championship race, as Plunkett's 88-yard fourth-quarter touchdown pass to former Stanford teammate Randy Vataha on the final day of the season dropped the Baltimore Colts to a 1040 record and into second place in the division behind the 1031 Miami Dolphins. Visitors, teachers, students, and MY HERO staff publish all kinds of stories, from inspirational essays about a close friend, to important global issues. ''I tell people that one of the things that always annoyed my parents was having others thinking they were handicapped. The coaches realized everything had to be different, and they happened to discover the difference maker. Is it a person who sells newspapers or a company that makes newspapers?, Name 2 other sports that Jim played. James William "Jim" Plunkett (born December 5, 1947) is a former American football quarterback who played college football . Jim Plunkett, Class: Induction: 1990 Sport(s): - Position: Quarterback Years: 1968-1970 Place of Birth: Santa Clara, CA Date of Birth: Dec 05, 1947 Jersey . 1 Ohio State in the 1971 Rose Bowl. [13] The Patriots finished the season at 68 for fourth place in the AFC East. The year of practice and no play helped Plunkett. Stanford went 22-8-2 in his three years, and he said his best . His junior year was even better when he set league records for touchdown passes (20), passing yards (2,673) and total offense (2,786), ranking third nationally in total offense and fifth in passing. Our gallery features art in the theme of heroism. He never let go of his dream. A native of San Jose, Calif., Plunkett graduated from Lick High in 1967, where he was a star athlete who competed in football, basketball, baseball, track and wrestling. Jim Plunkett (Stanford University, 1970) was the runaway winner of the 1970 Heisman trophy as the nation's top college football player. Click here to donate. "But there was no hint whatsoever of jealousy for all of the accolades and attention being heaped on Jim. Current head coach Jim Harbaugh describes Plunkett as an "iconic" figure, and as the school's only Heisman Trophy winner, Plunkett resides in a special place in Stanford's athletic pantheon. He wasnt selected to the Pro Bowl, never made the All-Pro team, and completed less than half of his passes. The second title came after more struggles, after losing his starting job to Wilson and then regaining it after Wilson was injured. A month before his enrollment, Plunkett was told by doctors that the lump he had felt at the base of his neck was cancerous. Success as a California high school quarterback was followed by an unsteady start in college, a beginning in which his coach almost took the ball from his hands. Plunkett, Lasater and Schultz were there with friends and other former teammates before the Wake Forest game in September, reveling in the juiciest memories. In addition, the American College Football Coaches Association designated him as their Offensive Player of the Year. His father, William, was legally blind and worked as a news vendor. America loved the kid. Plunkett's father was a news vendor afflicted with progressive blindness, who had to support his blind wife along with their three children. He became the starting quarterback for the Raiders midway through the 1980 season. After surgery, Plunkett resumed playing too quickly and performed so poorly on the freshman team that then-Stanford coach John Ralston asked him to switch to defensive end. Despite this, Hart has largely been overlooked, despite his role in the Raiders organization. Jack and Aletha were determined to give Jim a normal life, and he attended public schools and played sports. Carmen was also of Native American ancestry. Biography. The Raiders have never made the Pro Bowl or the All-Pro team, and everything they have done since the inception has been bad. In the family's home, one room is dedicated to Plunkett's accomplishments. Submit your film TODAY!! His zodiac sign is Sagittarius, and his ethnicity is white, making him an American by nationality. A doctor discovered a thyroid tumor, which nearly ended his college career. When Gerry Plunkett recently won her sixth Stanford Women's Golf Club championshipshe and Jim are avid players she told friends that an appropriate celebration should have included temporarily covering up her husband's Heisman, just to emphasize her moment in the spotlight. TimesMachine is an exclusive benefit for home delivery and digital subscribers. Read our IMPACT:blog to see how teachers, visitors and organizations around the world are using MY HERO to affect positive changes in the world. Our type of system was almost perfect for Jim, Flores says. My sisters Genevieve and Mary Ann don't like to tell me that my mother is coming to the game because they know I'll worry that she's all right.''. ", Each former teammate, it seems, has a singular piece of lore. The Northern California native, who was born to blind parents, chose Stanford University to remain close to them. Wanting to stay closer to home to help look after his parents, Plunkett decided to attend Stanford University. The players liked him. In 1983, Marc Wilson was the Raiders starter who went down hurt, and Plunkett again came off the bench, and again spurred the team to a Super Bowl championship, a 38-9 trouncing of the Washington Redskins. Knee and shoulder surgeries became almost commonplace, and after a season of limited play in 1975, he asked to be traded. His father William died of a heart attack in 1969. The 1972 season brought a different look: only eight touchdown passes, 25 interceptions (up from 16 as a rookie), a 3-11 record and many hard knocks. And suddenly, from near-oblivion, a rise again to the top as 1981 Super Bowl MVP. It was never "just football" to them, Schultz remembers. He is a role model for never giving up. Plunkett's parents were both born in New Mexico, both Mexican Americans; his mother, whose maiden name was Carmen Blea, was born in Santa Fe and his father, William Gutierrez Plunkett, was born in Albuquerque. Jim was born in San Jose, California, in 1948. But he taught us a new meaning to the word temperament as we rode his success. The NFL's Comeback Player of the Year then '', His mother is of Mexican heritage, his father was a mixture of German, Irish and Mexican. "I was extremely quiet when I got to Stanford," acknowledges Plunkett. Plunkett's first game was a 206 victory over the Oakland Raiders, the Patriots' first regular-season contest at Schaefer Stadium. He was a star quarterback in high school, and went on to play for Stanford University. With all the obstacles he went through, Jim never quit. Some of them said my story gave them a new sense of purpose in life. Rust's mother had gone blind, and he related so strongly to the Plunkett family's closeness that he had moved beyond any concern about what Plunkett could contribute to Stanford. Released from the 49ers after suffering further injuries, Plunkett signed with the Oakland Raiders for 1978. "The team was full of an awful lot of talented guys as well as egos," says Schultz, who was a strong safety. His parents were blind from the start. He is estimated to be worth $10 million, with the majority of his money coming from his NFL career. Hearing the story again, Jim Plunkett, the One and Only, smiles and rolls his eyes to his wife's amusement. They rallied around him and he just rose to the occasion, making big plays in big games.. September 1st is the final deadline to submit work for the 2022 International Film Festival! When starting quarterback Dan Pastorini suffered a broken leg early in the 1980 season, Plunkett stepped in and led the Raiders all the way to a 27-10 Super Bowl victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, throwing three TD passes and becoming the game's most valuable player. He earned the opportunity to start in 1968, and in his first game, completed ten of thirteen passes for 277 yards and four touchdowns, and never relinquished his hold on the starting spot. He could have graduated the previous June, skipped his remaining year of I remember them saying that they weren't handicapped, that they could do just about anything except see. The biggest obstacle he faced was when he was 30 years old and played for the San Francisco 49ers. Was he a child, a teen, or an adult?Bonus 100 pts: How old was he exactly? 3 quarterback, Plunkett didn't play in 1978. ''One parent always was taking care of the other. I was supposed to make my bed, but if I didn't, she'd walk in and feel the bed to see if I had. 1 choice in the N.F.L. Jim Plunkett arrived with other young playersJack Lasater, Bob Moore, Jack Schultzwho, like him, felt the pangs of being an outsider. [8] Plunkett's parents were both born in New Mexico, both Mexican Americans; his mother, whose maiden name was Carmen Blea, was born in Santa Fe and his father, William Gutierrez Plunkett, was born in Albuquerque. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. The massive arms of Plunkett transformed college football, changing the perception of the game from being a ground game to one that was exciting and fast. Jim Plunkett was born in San Francisco, California on December 5th, 1947. (Photo: Courtesy Jim Plunkett), HISTORY LESSON: The memorabilia room in Plunketts home is a reminder of his playing days, as are his knees, replaced a few years ago with titanium and Teflon. What John Sande, '71, the team's center, remembers is a sound. Plunkett's parents were both born in New Mexico, both Mexican Americans; his mother, whose maiden name was Carmen Blea, was born in Santa . He achieved his greatest professional success during his final eight seasons with the Raiders franchise, whom he led to two Super Bowl titles.[1]. The Northern California native, who was born to blind parents, chose Stanford University to remain close to them. He retired as the only NFL quarterback to win two Super Bowls with the same franchise in different cities, winning his first while the Raiders were in Oakland and his second while they were in Los Angeles. They met while attending the California School for the Blind in Berkeley, and were married in 1934. It was very hard to swallow. Its a stark contrast to 1980, when Plunkett longed to leave Oakland in hopes of reinvigorating a fading career. Plunkett threw for 2,935 yards, 20 touchdown passes, and 18 picks in that season. Once in the press box, he growls "lousy" when asked how he's feeling. ''But growing up, I didn't feel like I had to take care of either my father or my mother. Upon entering Stanford University, Plunkett endured a rough freshman campaign after being weakened by a thyroid operation. CAR 70. Bill Parcells was the first Hispanic-American head coach of the NFL, and Tom Flores won two Super Bowl rings. His parents were blind, and he chose nearby Stanford so he could be near them. '', Jim Plunkett works for the Peninsula Center for the Blind in the San Jose area. He also sits on the board at the Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Palo Alto, supporting a cause close to his heart. A month before his enrollment, Plunkett was told by doctors that the lump he had felt at the base of his neck was cancerous. Otherwise, Plunkett might not have been playing for the Oakland Raiders in the fall of 1980, when the Heisman Trophy winner from Stanford jump-started an improbable career resurrection that culminated in two Super Bowl victories. He spent 12 years in the NFL, beginning with the Philadelphia 76ers and continuing with the Washington Redskins, Oakland As, and Philadelphia 76ers.

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